AdvancED Survey
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Wednesday, February 10, 2016
AdvancED Survey


In the AdvancED Accreditation process, questionnaires were administered and used by Winstead Elementary to receive stakeholder feedback. The minimum response rate for each population was met (parent questionnaire: equal to or greater than 20%, student questionnaire(s): equal to or greater than 40%, staff questionnaire: equal to or greater than 60%). Questionnaires were administered with complete fidelity to the appropriate administrative procedures. In every instance, the stakeholders to whom these questionnaires were administered represented the populations served by the institution. Appropriate accommodations were provided as necessary for all participants.

Two or more of the stakeholder questionnaires had average item values of 4.30 or higher (on a 5.0 scale). All questionnaires had an average item value of 3.20 or above (on a 5.0 scale). Results of stakeholder feedback collected by the institution were well analyzed and clearly presented. 

The overall highest level of satisfaction is indicated by parents in the areas of administrators and teachers monitoring, informing, and assisting with understanding student grading and progress in easy to understand language; providing multiple assessments while preparing students for success in the next school year; communicating effectively, monitoring, and reporting the achievement of school goals; ensuring instructional time is protected, interruptions are minimized and facilities support student learning.  Parents also indicate a high level of satisfaction in the school's established goals and plan for improving learning with high expectations for students. In addition, parents have a high level of satisfaction in the safe learning environment and access to support services based on a learner's identified needs

Students indicate the overall highest level of satisfaction or approval in the principal and teachers wanting every student to learn while doing their best work to prepare for the next grade level. Satisfaction is also found in the principal and teachers acknowledging children when they do a good job . Lastly,  having computers, many places to learn, caring teachers who teach them about the future, being told how they should behave, and using different activities to learn are additional areas that indicate student satisfaction.

In regards to the staff, the overall highest level of satisfaction is found in the participation of  all teachers in collaborative learning communities that meet both informally and formally across grade levels and content areas.  Using multiple types of assessments to modify instruction and to revise the curriculum; participating in continuous professional learning based on identified needs of the school;  all staff members utilizing student data to address the unique learning needs of all students indicate an overall high level of satisfaction; and informing all stakeholders of policies, processes, and procedures related to grading and reporting indicate an overall high level of satisfaction by staff. Staff also indicate an overall high level of satisfaction in the school using data from multiple assessment measures to monitor student readiness, learning, and success as well as school performance.  Lastly, an indication of satisfaction at the highest level is found in the school's leaders engaging effectively with all stakeholders about the school's purpose and direction; holding all staff members and themselves accountable for student learning; providing stakeholders opportunities to be involved in the school; regularly evaluating staff members; and having a purpose statement based on shared values, beliefs that guide decision-making, focused on student success, supported by the policies and practices adopted by the school board or governing body.
At Winstead Elementary School,  a trend toward increasing stakeholder satisfaction is shown in the area of collaboration.  According to the North Carolina Teachers' Working Conditions Survey, collaboration increased from 60.6% in 2012 to 83% currently according to the AdvancED Stakeholder Feedback Survey. Increasing stakeholder satisfaction is also shown in protecting instructional time from 68.7% in 2012 to 86% in 2015; and maintaining a safe environment from 84.8% to 93% in 2015.
Winstead Elementary stakeholder feedback indicate the overall lowest level of satisfaction in the areas of ensuring parents about effective use of financial resources; providing adequate supply of learning resources that are current; and having up-to-date computers. Providing sufficient material resources to meet student needs and providing a plan for the acquisition of technology to support operational needs are indications of low levels of satisfaction according to staff. Students indicate the lowest satisfaction in teachers asking families to attend school activities; students treating adults with respect; and principals as well as teachers asking students what they think about school.
Providing sufficient material resources show a trend toward decreasing stakeholder satisfaction. Reading materials were purchased with federal funds to support small guiding reading groups through a check out system; however, staff have discussed having individual guided reading libraries
The stakeholder perceptions imply a need for administrators to collaborate with all stakeholders in creating a school plan for aligning material resources to meet student needs.  


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